Habitat for Humanity Global Village Trip 2013

Hi There…

I’m a part of a 16 person team traveling from Springfield, Il to Huehuetenango, Guatemala in October 2013. We’re working with Habitat for Humanity to help build 2 home for people who are currently living in poverty housing.

Guatemala has a 80% poverty rate. The need is great, and we want to be part of the solution! You can be a part of the solution as well by sponsoring me or my team.

Each member has to raise approximately $2000 for the trip. This pays for our in country expenses (lodging, food, travel), getting there, and a donation to Habitat Guatemala, who has to date built over 50,000 homes!

You can donate to me or the team here: http://habitatsangamon.com/AboutUs/GlobalVillage.aspx

Questions? Please contact me here on email at: rmobley@habitatsangamon.com.

Thank you!

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